What Is The Anglican Catholic Church?

The A.C.C. began as a restorative effort on the part of concerned Episcopal bishops, priests and laity who were unwilling to accept the concept that the Christian faith could be amended to fit the current social agenda. The membership of the A.C.C. now includes people from a broad spectrum of Church backgrounds and is found worldwide. We are Anglican because we use the Book of Common Prayer (1928) and follow the path taken by the Church of England in the 16th century. We are Catholic because we adhere to the faith accepted by all Christians before the Church separated into Eastern and Western branches. We confess the truth of the Faith as established by the Apostle's and Nicene Creeds.

"We and our people - Thanks be to God - follow no novel and strange religions, but that very religion which is ordained by Christ, sanctioned by the primitive and Catholic Church and approved by the consentient mind and voice of the early Fathers."

—Queen Elizabeth I, 1563 A.D.

We are a Church because we are a community that finds comfort and nourishment in coming together to worship God according to the traditional English Liturgy.

If you find that this is a description of something that you miss, or that you have been searching for, "Welcome Home!" Please feel free to ask the Bishop for more information and to join St. Anne's Parish Family on Sunday mornings.

Directions to our church

Coming from the North
Drive south on MD 5 to Golden Beach Road. Turn right on Golden Beach Road to Charlotte Hall Road. Turn left on Charlotte Hall Road. Drive approximately one mile. The church will be on the right and parking will be on the left.

Coming from the South
Drive north on MD 5 through Newmarket Road (Citgo station). Turn left onto Charlotte Hall School Road (St. Mary's County Welcome Center). Drive .2 miles to Charlotte Hall Road. Turn right onto Charlotte Hall Road. The church will be on the left and parking will be on the right.

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